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Home Remodel & Additions

Home Remodel

With the course of time, every home owner gets to a point when they want some sort of home renovation done to their place. We eventually need something new and when that time comes, we have to hire home remodel contractors in Santa Cruz, California. We either we have new needs that lead to home renovations or we just want some areas of the house redone completely. Regardless of the reason, a good percentage of home owners start considering home remodel in Santa Cruz, California. But the biggest obstacle is knowing where to start. At North Coast Construction, we are going to make it easier for you. 

Home Additions

In Santa Cruz, home additions are becoming more and more popular. Every homeowner eventually looks to add something new to their house. For instance, someone might only have the money to afford a one-story house. After their house is complete, they might save up enough to make the second story too. Or, they could just be adding rooms to an existing home. It doesn’t matter what type of renovation you’re looking for, we can guarantee that as home addition contractors in Santa Cruz, California, we can exceed your expectations. At North Coast Construction, LLC, we can design an addition to your home and make that addition a reality. 

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