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House Framing

Our Infinite Experience
What other house framing contractor in Santa Cruz, California can say that they’ve been doing carpentry for over 30 years? Well, the answer to that would be North Coast Construction. Since 1991, we’ve been providing house framing in Santa Cruz, California, but we’ve been in this business for much longer than that. We’ve worked with thousands of clients and made thousands of frames. If you’re asking yourself a question “Where can I find the most skilled home framers near me?” then you’ve come to the right place because we’re the perfect house framing contractors to build a sturdy foundation for your house.
Our Frames Last Several Lifetimes
We know that a house frame isn’t something you can repair in the flick of a wand; it’s something that your whole house is based on. At North Coast Construction, LLC we also know that you won’t be the only one living in the place. It will go to your kids and their kids after that, that’s why we make frames that can survive the wear and tear of many generations. We’re a house framing company that makes long-lasting frames. What more could you possible ask for?
Blend of the Traditional and the Modern
Sure, constructing stuff with wood wasn’t as easy and convenient as it is today. But, being the experts in house framing in Santa Cruz, we’re well aware of every technique used in house framing over the past decade. In Santa Cruz, California, framing contractors often rely on only modern day methodologies. But, we don’t forget where we come from. Even today, we’re using modern techniques as an addition to traditional techniques and not as a replacement for them. Just think about it this way, we see tons of old houses that are still in perfect shape, but modern houses just break down after a couple of earthquakes. Which strategy would you rather prefer now; the old or the new? Leave it up to the best in house framing in California and we’ll use a blend of both, for the most perfect result that will last for lifetimes.

House Framing: About Us
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